Abscess Drainage

At our Urgent care clinic in Palatine we know that injuries don’t make appointments and you shouldn’t have to either.  Just Walk-In! Whether it is a small boil or deep abscess, if it is urgent to you, it is urgent to us. You will receive immediate care for your non-life threatening illnesses and injuries by one of our dedicated providers.

We are a convenient, walk-in immediate care clinic that treats adults and children (newborn to age 18), insurance or no insurance.

Incision and Drainage (I&D) of Abscess

A skin abscess, which is often called a boil, is a bump that forms when pus collects within the tissue of the body. An abscess can show up on any place of the body, and for the most part it is harmless.

Apart from antibiotics, Incision and drainage is a minor surgical procedure to release pus or pressure built up under the skin from an abscess or a boil. It is performed by making a small incision to puncture the skin using a sterile instrument such as a sharp needle, a pointed scalpel or a lancet. This allows the pus fluid to escape by draining out through the incision. You can call us at 708-733-7750 for our Palatine location or 630-703-2711 for our Streamwood location for the appointment or CLICK HERE to make an appointment. 

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