Cuts & Lacerations

Come into our Urgent Care clinic for treatment of your Cuts and Lacerations. Our Family Doctors provide convenient walk-in Immediate care for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries in Palatine, IL , without the long wait or cost of going to the ER.


Recommendations for Minor Cuts

Throw water on heat burns. This immediately extinguishes flames as well as cools the burn. If clothes are on fire it also puts the fire out. Stop drop and roll if clothes are on fire. Many people are tempted to run but this just fuels the flames with oxygen.


Step 1: Try to Stop The Bleeding

Use a clean cloth or bandage to put firm and steady pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding.


Step 2: Clean and Protect The Wound From Further Damage

When bleeding stops, make sure to clean the wound with a mild and soapy solution. When you can, use an antibiotic ointment (unless you’re allergic to antibiotics) to lessen the chance of any infection.

Wrap the wound with a clean sterile cloth to avoid further damage. Again, if you’re allergic to antibiotics, avoid applying any antibiotic ointments to the wound. If you’re not sure, err on the side of caution and doin’t use any antibiotic ointments.


Step 3: Check With Your Doctor

If your wound is deep, near a joint, or if it can’t be cleaned right, always check with your doctor.

Also, if you haven’t had a tetnus shot in the last five to ten years (or are unsure) you may need to check with your doctor and get one.

If you were bitten by an animal or a human, check with your doctor as well. Bites can quickly become infected and it is vital that a doctor check these carefully for any signs of infection.


Step 4: Follow Up Treatments

If your cut is minor, you may not need any follow up treatments. However, if your wound isn’t healing, if it’s producing a lot of puss or if it is extremely painful, check with your doctor, you could require further treatment.

If your wound is infected (producing puss or has a lot of redness around it) be sure to check with your doctor as well, this could be serious and your doctor should evaluate the wound quickly to protect you.

If you’re unsure of the extent of your wound, check with your doctor.


If you have any of the following, get medical help immediately by going to your local ER:

  • Cut with severe bleeding.
  • Open wound that is spurting blood.
  • Bleeding that won’t stop, even when pressure has been applied for ten minutes.
  • Cuts that require sutures.
  • Facial or scalp cuts should be seen within 24 hours and sutured.


Small cut or deep laceration, Epic urgent care in Palatine will be there for you.  We are open extended hours and on weekends and you are welcome to walk-in at any time.  However, if you prefer, you may make an online appointment HEREOr, you may call us at 708-733-7750 for our Palatine location or 630-703-2711 for our Streamwood location to make an appointment.


Laceration Repair


The management of minor skin lacerations begins with assessment and preparation of the wound, including the need for tetanus prophylaxis.


If your cut does not go all the way through the skin, it does not need stitches. If your cut is wide, jagged, or does go all the way through the skin, you will most likely need stitches. At Epic urgent care, we repair lacerations with sutures, staples or surgical glue.


You can call us at 708-733-7750 for our Palatine location or 630-703-2711 for our Streamwood location for the appointment or CLICK HERE to make an appointment. 

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