Women’s Health

Women’s Health

At Epic Urgent and Family Care, we have FEMALE practitioners with experience in women’s health.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to our female patients in warm, caring and private settings.  We want to listen and understand your needs so that we can provide precise and individualized care which benefits you the most to stay on top of your health.  We provide below services for our female patients.

Oral Contraception management:  

  • Most birth control pills contain a combination of two female hormones estrogen and progesterone.  When taken properly, birth control pills are effective
  • Side effects include: Nausea, breast tenderness, bloating, and mood changes, spotting or irregular bleeding, which typically improve after 2-3 months 
  • “Mini-pill”, the progestin-only pill, does not contain estrogen. This type of pill is useful for people who cannot or should not take estrogen
  • Talk to our provide to find the best options for you  

IUD removal:  

  • I​​UDs are usually placed by an OB-GYN specialist
  • Currently available IUDs are safe and effective in preventing pregnancy.  However, IUD needs to be removed after a certain duration or for some side effects  
  • There are 2 common types of IUD — copper containing or levonorgestrel IUD — either can be removed at Epic Urgent and Family Care

Depo injection (Rx required):  

  • Depo is injected deep into a muscle, such as the buttock or upper arm, once every 3 months
  • Most common side effects are irregular or prolonged vaginal bleeding and spotting, particularly during the first 3-6 months 
  • You can get your Depo injections every 3 months at Epic Urgent and Family Care with our caring and personable nurse practitioners.  

Pap Smear

  • Pap smear is performed for cervical cancer screening.  It can be done with or without HPV (Human Papillomavirus) testing.  HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer
  • For a Pap test, the provider will do a pelvic examination using a device called a speculum. Then they will use a small brush or spatula to collect cells from the cervix.  Sample will be sent to a reference lab for testing
  • Pap smear should be done during a time when you do not expect to have your period.  Talk to our provider to discuss further

Breast Cancer Screening

  • Breast self-examination — Most experts no longer recommend monthly self-exams for breast cancer screening. Research has shown that this reduces the risk of breast cancer. On the contrary, it increases the chance of unnecessary testing (such as breast biopsy).
  • Breast examination by your doctor or nurse — Most expert groups no longer recommend that clinicians perform breast exams as part of screening. Physical exams are not as accurate as mammography in detecting breast cancer. Your clinician may perform a breast examination if you tell them you have a new breast symptom or abnormality.
  • Mammogram — A mammogram is a breast X-ray. It is the best screening test for detecting breast cancer at an early stage.  For average risk patients, the recommended age to start screening is 40.  Typically, it needs to be done every 2 years to detect any abnormalities.  Screening usually stops at age 75.  You may need breast ultrasound and/or biopsy for abnormal results.  
  • Epic Urgent & Family Care will guide you at every step to keep you in check for your breast health. 

Genitourinary problems

  • Do not let frequent UTIs (urinary tract infections) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections) hamper your wellbeing.  These conditions can be easily treated and there may be ways to prevent them.  Discuss with our family nurse practitioners to gain control of yourself.  
  • In addition, we can evaluate various other conditions such as vaginal itching, vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, etc and refer you to a specialist, if needed.  

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