Immigration Physical

Immigration Physical

Get Your immigration Physical at EPIC Urgent & Family Care. Please consult our Self-Pay Pricing information page for associated costs.

The Immigration Physical Includes

  • Detailed medical history and physical exam by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test (required for 2 years and older)
  • Blood test for syphilis (required for 15 years and older)
  • Urine Gonorrhea test (required for 15 years and older)
  • Varicella and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) immunity blood work (required if prior vaccination record is not available)
  • Completion of form I-693
  • Sealed envelope containing for I-693 and other pertinent medical results
  • Any additional tests/vaccinations (chest X-ray, blood tests, vaccinations, etc.) are not included.



  • Please Read carefully all the instructions and requirements before filling out the I-693 form
  • Official Photo ID – Passport, US Driver’s License or state ID
  • Immunization record, if available
  • Print and bring most recent version of form I-693 from USCIS website (fill out part-1 of form I-693, but do not sign until the Civil Surgeon instructs you to do so)
  • Report of prior medical exam if available
  • Get the latest copy of form I-693 


Potential need for further visits

  • If blood tests suggest lack of immunity, vaccination will be recommended which applicant has to obtain and provide documentation to the civil surgeon. We do have all needed vaccines on site and we can use your insurance for vaccines. Ask us for more details!
  • If evaluation reveals any problems – referral to health department will be needed which applicant has to complete and provide documentation to the civil surgeon


Final Steps

  • When entire test and exam is completed, you will receive a sealed envelope containing all appropriate forms filled out and sealed
  • NOTE: You must submit sealed original envelope to the Immigration Officer within two months of signing date in order to be considered valid


Call us at 708-733-7750  to schedule a visit online.

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