DOT Physicals

DOT/CDL (Commercial Driving License) Exam:  

Get your DOT Physical at EPIC Urgent & Family Care without any long wait. DOT Exam include a physical exam and completion of necessary forms by our NRCME certified examiner.

Who needs the DOT Physical Exam?

  • CDL (commercial driving license) holder
  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Semi Truck drivers

What to bring during your exam?

  • Driver’s License
  • Drink plenty of water as you will need to provide urine sample for urine exam
  • Current medications list
  • Eyeglasses for distance or reading (if you are using at home)
  • Hearing Aids (if you are using at home)

Additional Documents (in special cases, if applicable)

  • Diabetes – letter from your treating provider (primary doctor or specialist) for documentation of last HgA1C
  • Any Heart Problem – stress test/echocardiogram (echo) report, cardiology clearance letter
  • Sleep apnea – CPAP machine usage data of last 30 days
  • If any history of stroke, seizure or Traumatic Brain Injury: Bring notes from your neurologist or primary care regarding treatment plan. 

What To Expect At Your Visit

  • Check in at the front desk
  • Fill out the DOT Medical Examination Report with “Driver Information” and “Health History” (clinic will provide forms)
  • Our provider will
    • Review your health history
    • Perform an on-site urine test (not drug test)
    • A simple physical exam including height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, vision test and hearing test.
  • After the exam, you will receive Medical Examination Certificate and Report for Commercial Driver License  and will be submitted to the federal data base. 


Submit your CDL card certificate to IL stat driver Licensing Agency:

  • All drivers must initially appear at one of CDL Facilities to Declare the type of driving they intend to operate. After the original declaration, IL CDL facilities  accept Medical Examiner’s Certificates
    • Mail : Secretary of State’s Office Attn: CDL/Medical Card Unit 2701 South Dirksen Parkway Springfield, Il 62723
  • For Renewed Medical Examiner’s Certificates  
    • Fax at (217) 558‐5156
    • Email: 

      (Emailed Medical Examiner’s Certificates must be a scanned or an attached PDF document. An email containing only Medical Examiner’s Certificate information will not be accepted).

Epic Urgent and Family Care serves the following neighborhoods and zip code for DOT Physicals and Medical Card Exam.

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