Minor Burns

In many cases, minor burns will heal and go away all on their own. Sometimes however, more a home treatment may be needed to help soothe the pain and assist proper healing. If you aren’t sure what first aid may be required for a more severe burn you may want to come into Epic Urgent Care clinic and Primary Care Clinic in Palatine to be seen by our Family doctor immediately.

Here are some steps to take for some specific types of burns. You may wish to print this out and keep it handy so that you have it on hand should you ever need them.

The fist things should do is to immediately remove the cause of the burn. If it’s a heat source, flame or cold, stop the burning action by removing yourself form the source of the burn. Always remember that if you are actually on fire you should never run; stop, drop and roll to extinguish the flames.



Throw water on heat burns. This immediately extinguishes flames as well as cools the burn. If clothes are on fire it also puts the fire out. Stop drop and roll if clothes are on fire. Many people are tempted to run but this just fuels the flames with oxygen.



Burns caused from cold temperatures require first aid to warm up the burned area. Blow some warm onto the affected area. Warm air on the ears, nose or any other area that has been frozen can help to warm the area. Apply warm clothing or warm water to help protect yourself from the cold.


Liquid Scalds

The first reflex may be to put ice on it. However, cool tap water is a better remedy for ten or twenty minutes. Ice can actually cause more damage to the affected area.



Separate the source of electrical item burning from the person. Ensure that they are breathing well and check for a heartbeat. Dial 911 if they are not breathing or if there is no heartbeat.



There are many irritating chemicals. If you’ve had a chemical burn, find out the cause and call Poison Control to determine how to best treat said chemcial burn.


Hot Plastic or Tar

Immediately run cold water over the affected area. This should help to start the cooling process. Next, check for any other injuries. Remove clothing and jewelry from the burned area. If clothing is stuck or melted onto the body, leave it there for now. Remove jewelry in case there is any swelling. Then come in and get medical attention immediately.


Preparing for Treatment by the Doctor

Lightly cover the area with a clean dry cloth to prevent infection.

Avoid any salves or treatments of such fashion so that the doctor can see the burned area. Salves can make the burn appear different and they are difficult to remove from the burn when the doctor looks at it.

Ice and butter can actually make the burn worse by damaging tender delicate tissues surrounding the burned area.

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