Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal

Foreign bodies are common in children, but can occur in adults as well.  Common places are ear and nose, and sometimes eye, breathing tube and food pipe.  Most foreign bodies can be safely removed by simple in-office procedures.  So when you feel something stuck in your ear or nose, don’t wat, call us right away!

Common Foreign Bodies:

  • In children, voluntary or accidental passage of beads, food material (peanut or similar), button batteries, tiny stones or small toys inside nose or ear
  • In adults, it can be small flies, ants or cockroaches getting inside the ear canal.  Flying debris can get into the eye.  Construction workers are at highest risk of foreign bodies in the eye.

Common Symptoms

  • Most older children and adults will know that there is something in their ear, nose or eye.  Irritation and pain are typical symptoms.  Bleeding from nose/ear or watering from eyes can occur
  • Smaller children may not be able to verbalize and crying is common.  Look for ear pulling, nose watering, difficulty breathing, eye scratching, etc to get the clue


  • Our providers at Epic Urgent & Family Care can remove the foreign bodies from ear, nose or eye
  • Ear irrigation is a common modality to remove foreign body from ear
  • Specialized forceps and lights may be needed to remove objects from nose and eyes

When to call 911

  • If you or your child are choking or having difficulty breathing
  • Severe pain or bleeding from affected organ

Epic Urgent and Family Care serves the following neighborhoods and zip code for foreign bodies removal.

Neighborhoods we serve: Palatine, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Inverness, Barrington, South Barrington, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling, Prospect Heights, Deerfield, Mount Prospect, Lake Zurich, Glenview, Vernon Hills, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Downers GroveZIP Codes we serve: 60004, 60074, 60010, 60011, 60005, 60007, 60008, 60015, 60016, 60018, 60025, 60047, 60061, 60062, 60067, 60656, 60089, 60090, 60106, 60107, 60169, 60192, 60193

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