Covid-19 Testing Employer Solutions

EPIC Urgent & Family Care can help you to make your work environment safe from the spread of Covid-19. Read more information below and call us at 708-733-7750 for our Palatine location or 630-703-2711 for our Streamwood location to get more details or to get your employees tested.

Employer Testing Solutions

To reduce the risk of a recurring outbreak of COVID-19 infections in the workplace, EUFC is offering a comprehensive COVID-19 evaluation. The testing options include:
  • COVID-19 Virus Testing: This test diagnoses people who are currently infected with COVID-19. We are testing patients with symptoms, as well as those who are concerned they have been exposed. We offer both RT-PCR test and Rapid Covid-19 tests.
  • COVID-19 Antibody Testing: This test detects if you have been previously infected with COVID-19. Your body produces antibodies in response to an infectious agent such as a virus to provide protection against the infection in the future. These test results are typically available in 1-2 days.
  • Onsite Testing: If multiple employees need Covid test, we can come to your workplace to perform tests. Please call 708-733-7750 for our Palatine location or 630-703-2711 for our Streamwood location or email our practice manager Jennifer at to know more and set up a visit.


How Does The Billing Will Work?

  • Employees with Insurance:This is the simplest solution for the employee and employer. Most health insurances are covering COVID-19 related medical expenses, including COVID-19 virus and antibody testing.
  • Employer Responsibility If your employee has health insurance, consider the above option#1. By utilizing the employee’s health insurance plan, there is no direct expense for the employer or the employee.
    • If your company prefers to directly pay for testing, please call us to discuss pricing per employee
    • For questions about employer testing, please email Jennifer at


Steps to Safely Return-to-Work

Return-to-work note will be provided once the employee meets the CDC criteria to resume duties after COVID-19 infection/exposure

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