Defining Urgent Care in Palatine, Illinois

Urgent Care in Palatine

Urgent Care in Palatine for Your Convenience

Not too long ago, hospitals were institutions catering to only their local community. They were staffed by physicians who lived in the area. If you needed stitches or sprained an ankle, you went to the emergency room and received prompt and affordable care.

But, my my, how times have changed. Today’s emergency rooms are hectic at best. Usually, they are understaffed and overburdened by severe cases that require immediate attention. 

Showing up to an emergency room with a minor burn or sore throat puts you on the back burner. You’ll probably have to wait hours before being seen by a physician.

That’s where EPIC Urgent & Family Care comes in. We sit in the middle of traditional hospital emergency rooms and doctor’s offices by offering walk-in clinics, longer hours, and the immediate treatment of non-life-threatening emergencies

You can see a health provider at EPIC Urgent & Family Care with no appointment, just as you would in the ER. Not only that, but we offer extended hours because we understand that situations requiring medical attention don’t necessarily occur during business hours or on weekdays.

When should I visit an urgent care center?

It is best to visit urgent care in Palatine when you need medical attention for an ailment or injury that isn’t severe enough for a trip to the emergency room.

Epic Urgent & Family Care is staffed by physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, radiological technologists, and front desk receptionists. We treat fractures and provide IV fluids, vaccines, flu shots, and many other services. 

Our urgent care in Palatine also offers family care services, such as adult checkups and cancer screenings. We provide pediatric services, such as sick child visits and school and sports physicals. 

 Are urgent care centers doctors actual physicians?

Some urgent care centers are hospital-affiliated, while others are independently owned and operated commonly by physicians. When you visit an urgent care in Palatine, rest assured that our doctors and other medical professionals have received the same training as hospital physicians. Most urgent care providers specialize in family practice, emergency medicine, and other specialties.

Why choose an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers deliver prompt, quality care at a lower cost. Emergency rooms are equipped for life-threatening circumstances. Still, the high price of using a facility designed for that level of medical care is reflected in their bill. As a result, treatment costs at urgent care centers are almost always lower.

In addition, urgent care centers free up emergency rooms from cases that are not life-threatening. This helps emergency room staff focus on patients who need immediate, life-saving care.

So next time you jam a finger in a door, need a Covid-19 test, or want to see your doctor for a physical and some medical advice, call us to schedule an appointment. Epic Urgent & Family Care is open seven days a week and provides quality health care and primary care when it is convenient for your family.

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