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EPIC Urgent & Family Care in Streamwood, Illinois

Welcome to EPIC Urgent & Family Care! Our Streamwood Urgent Care Center is dedicated to providing prompt and accessible medical attention for non-life-threatening ailments and injuries. Our skilled doctors offer immediate treatment without needing appointments, sparing you the extended waits and expenses associated with emergency rooms. 

Conveniently situated near the Northwest corner of South Sutton Street and Irving Park Road, our new Streamwood clinic warmly welcomes residents of Streamwood and its neighboring areas. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the vibrant community of Streamwood, Illinois, and provide top-notch medical care when you need it most.


Directions to Epic Urgent & Family Care

From US-20:

  • Take the IL-59 exit towards Barrington/West Chicago.
  • Use the left two lanes to turn onto IL-59 N.
  • Drive 0.8 mi, turn left onto W Irving Park Rd.
  • After 0.1 mi, turn right.
  • Travel 95 ft, then turn right.
  • Your destination will be on the left 


From S Sutton Rd:

  • Head south on S Sutton Rd towards W Larkspur Ln.
  • Pass by Arby’s on the right.
  • Travel 0.7 mi.
  • Turn right.
  • Proceed 92 ft, then turn right again.
  • EPIC Urgent & Family Care in Streamwood, will be on the left at 644 S Sutton Rd.


Brief History of Streamwood, Illinois

Streamwood, located in Cook County, Illinois, has a history rooted in the early 19th century when Native American tribes, particularly the Potawatomi people, inhabited the forested, resource-rich land. European settlers arrived in the 1830s, sparking agricultural and small-scale industrial growth by the mid-19th century. The introduction of the railroad in the late 1800s marked a pivotal moment, facilitating trade and fueling further expansion. 

Despite its rural nature until the mid-20th century, Streamwood experienced a population surge in the 1950s due to suburbanization from nearby Chicago. The village was incorporated in 1957, transforming from a quiet farming community into a vibrant suburban hub, coveted for its modern amenities, services, and strategic proximity to highways and Chicago.


Living and Working in Streamwood, IL.

Living and working in Streamwood offers the best of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. Today, Streamwood is a well-established suburban community with a diverse population and various housing options. The village has developed schools, parks, shopping centers, and other infrastructure to cater to its residents. 

As a resident, you’ll enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle, with excellent schools, numerous parks for recreation, and a variety of housing choices. The village’s rich history is a testament to the broader trend of suburbanization that occurred across the United States during the 20th century. Streamwood’s proximity to major highways and its strategic location near Chicago provide seamless access to a wide range of job opportunities and cultural experiences, making it an ideal place to call home.


What to See In Near EPIC Urgent & Family Care in Streamwood

While visiting Streamwood, Illinois, you’ll find a charming suburban destination with unique attractions. Explore the beauty of Hoosier Grove Park, offering expansive green spaces, walking trails, and recreational facilities perfect for outdoor activities and family outings. Dive into the village’s rich history at the Historical Society Museum, where exhibits and artifacts vividly portray its evolution from a rural community to a thriving suburban hub. 

Swing by the Streamwood Oaks Golf Club for a round of golf in a picturesque setting. Don’t miss the vibrant cultural events and festivals that showcase the local spirit. Whether it’s enjoying the natural beauty, delving into the village’s heritage, or engaging in community celebrations, Streamwood, including offerings from the Streamwood Park District, provides diverse experiences for visitors to savor.

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