Precautions and Steps to follow during Covid-19 Pandemic in Fall 2020

As we enter into fall and will be forced to do more indoor activities, there will be a lot of adjustments while embracing the fact that the virus spread may enhance.

  • Families with kids have to balance distant learning for kids/their needs/supervision, etc while maintaining their work life balance
  • Missing extended family members
  • Lack of vacations and other fun social/family/friendly gatherings
  • Fear of health for ourself and our loved one
  • Concern about availability safe and effective vaccine in timely manner

As we move into fall and prepare for all these challenges, it’s important that we acknowledge, mitigate and reduce the impact of stress on our bodies and minds.

Stress management and Personal Well Being
  • Keep a regular sleep-wake schedule
  • Sleep at-least 8 hrs a day — you need it!
  • Maintain a balance of work, rest and play during the day
  • Exercise at-least 5 times a week, more stretching, yoga, cardio
  • Eat a healthy diet and try variety of ethnic foods
  • Identify few friends, family members and neighbors and socialize in safe manner
  • Positive attitude in discussion with kids and friends
Know what to do if sick
  • Call your primary doctor/pediatrician and know their routine protocols
  • If you need Covid testing, Epic covid care clinic in Arlington Heights can help
  • We are located in Palatine and serve surrounding suburbs
  • We offer rapid test for Flu, Strep and Covid-19 using ID NOW platform from Abbott labs
Families with school-aged children
  • Adapt to changes
  • Engage with grandparents, other family members or neighbours for supervision during school time
  • Adjust expectations from teachers and your children
  • If children are returning to in-person school, visit the school to ensure safety of your child
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