IV Nutrition Pricing

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“The Executive”feel sharp and metally alert.  Recommended for jet lag and stress relief.  $150*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“Rise and Shine” exhausted from little to no sleep?  Good for hangover symptoms and headaches.  $150*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

Natural Defense”attack the sickness head on! Fight common cold or flu with a high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients to boost your immune system.  $175*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“Fountain of Youth”activate your beauty.  Treat the blues and get healthier skin, hair and nails with glutathione, B-vitamins and vitamin C.  $225*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“Simply Hydrate” – for dehydration from pregnancy induced morning sickness, migraine and acute gastroenteritis.  $150*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“Glutathione” slow down the aging process with this master antioxidant.  Get brighter skin and youthful appearance after a series of infusions.  $190*

Epic Urgent & Family Care -

“Vitamin C” – Boost your immune system and fight allergies and cold symptoms.  $150*

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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