Steps to follow in Urgent Care


At Epic Urgent & Family Care, an Urgent Care clinic in Arlington Heights, IL we want you to feel safe and be comfortable while getting medical care during these uncertain times of Covid-19 pandemic. Below are easy steps to follow to receive convenient care in a safe and effective manner.

  • Make an appointment by phone (708-733-7750) or online. You will receive an email with appointment confirmation and links to our digital forms.
  • Registration can be completed via digital forms at the comfort of your home or office. No need to come in! You can submit your driver’s license and insurance ID by just taking a picture and uploading into digital forms. That’s it!
  • Triage will begin a few minutes before your appointment time. You will first get a phone call from our medical staff to go over your medical history and current symptoms. You will then receive a phone call or video call from the provider for thorough evaluation.
  • Treatment may include test (nasal swab for Covid or Influenza infection, throat swab for Strep infection, blood work, x-ray, etc), prescription for a medication (such as antibiotic) or referral to see a specialist
  • After completion of testing, you will receive discharge paperwork with clear instructions on follow-up
  • You will receive a phone call with results in 48-72 hrs with further recommendation
  • Reevaluation can be offered in person or online, if necessary

These are the easy steps to receive Exceptional, Professional, Immediate and Comprehensive care at Epic clinic, an Urgent Care clinic in Buffalo Grove, IL.

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