Should I Take My Child to Urgent Care?


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When your child is injured or ill, it isn’t easy to know where to take them to receive the best and fastest treatment. Medical situations can occur in seconds and often happen at the most inconvenient times. 

Some families don’t have an established primary care physician, or your child’s doctor does not have an appointment readily available. In these cases, urgent care in Palatine is a great option.

Urgent care centers are less expensive than emergency rooms and often have extended hours. Not to mention, they typically accept walk-ins or same-day visits for those unfortunate, immediate situations.


Read below for signs you should take your ill kid to urgent care.

A fever is a clear indication that your body is battling an illness. Although, there are times you should bring your child to see urgent care. Most define a fever as a temperature over 100.4° F. Urgent care in Palatine offers care for children experiencing a fever outside the safe zone. We recommend seeking urgent care if your child is:

  • Under three months and has a rectal temperature reading of 100° F.
  • Over three months old with a fever of 102° F.
  • Between the ages of 6-24 months and have a fever of 102°F lasting over one day.
  • Experiencing rashes, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Inconsolable


Ear Infections

We recommend having your child seen at urgent care if:

  • Your child has a fever that persists longer than two days while on antibiotics
  • Ear pain becomes unbearable, and your child is inconsolable
  • Ear pain lasts longer than three days while on antibiotics
  • Ear discharge continues for more than three days while on antibiotics


Upper Respiratory Infection 
We suggest going straight to your urgent care in Palatine if your child is experiencing the following respiratory symptoms:

  • Dry diapers (for more than 8 hours)
  • Fast or strained breathing
  • Exhaustion
  • Inconsolability


Coughs can vary depending on the severity. Some are shallow and dry, while others sound deep and guttural. Visit EPIC Urgent Care in Palatine if your child:

  • Has labored breathing
  • Has blue color lips, tongue, or face
  • Has a cough accompanied by a high fever
  • Is making a “whooping” sound when breathing
  • Is coughing up blood
  • Is cranky, weak, or irritable
  • Is dehydrated (drowsiness, dry or sticky mouth, sunken eyes, crying with little to no tears, and infrequent urination)


Sore Throat
We recommend your child visit urgent care if your baby or toddler:

  • Has a sore throat that persists for a few days
  • Has a fever or other symptoms accompanying their sore throat
  • Is having difficulty breathing
  • Is having trouble swallowing
  • Is drooling excessively
  • Has neck stiffness or swelling

Pediatrician at EPIC Urgent & Family Care | Urgent Care in Palatine 

If you’re looking for urgent pediatric care in Palatine, EPIC Urgent & Family Care has a dedicated pediatrician on staff. We are here to provide care for minor, non-life-threatening ailments. We can diagnose and treat urgent medical situations and coordinate care with your pediatrician. 

Call our Palatine location at (708) 733-7750 or Streamwood at (630) 703-2711. Or better yet, walk in. We treat patients’ urgent medical issues immediately without the hassle of scheduling appointments or the long waits and high costs of going to an ER.  

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