IV Nutrition

IV Nutrition Therapy

  • With everything that is going on out there, ease your mind and boost your immune system with a vitamin IV infusion at our family practice.  
  • Doing an IV infusion before your big plans (travel, holidays, gathering, etc) or after a hectic workday/week will help you to get charged up, boost your energy and decrease your chances of getting sick.  
  • If you are already feeling under the weather, a vitamin IV drip can help you bounce back faster.
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Our family practice doesn’t just provide urgent care to our patients in Palatine and Streamwood! We also offer a variety of vitamin IV therapies for various symptoms. Here are some examples.

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Dehydration/Hangover?  Try “Rise and Shine” vitamin infusion with B vitamins (make you feel sharp and focused), magnesium (a mineral to keep your nerves, muscles, bones and heart strong),  vitamin B-12 (to improve your metabolism and energy) and IV fluid to rehydrate your body.  Anti-nausea medication (Zofran or ondansetron) can be added if needed.

Epic Urgent & Family Care - iv nutrition,family practice,urgent care,streamwood

Feeling under the weather?  “Natural Defense” is a way to go with vitamin C (boost your immune system and help you fight allergies/cold/flu), B vitamins (keeps you sharp and focused), calcium (for strong bones and healthy brain function), magnesium (improve nutrient absorption), vitamin B-12 (keep red blood cells in optimal condition to supply adequate oxygen) and IV fluid to hydrate your body.

Epic Urgent & Family Care - iv nutrition,family practice,urgent care,streamwood

Fight the blues with “Fountain of Youth”.  Glutathione and vitamin C, two strong antioxidants can reduce the high oxidative stress which can alter neurotransmitter function.  Antioxidants play a key role in prevention and treatment of depression.  This vitamin infusion also contains B vitamins and minerals to optimize your metabolism and improve your energy level.

Many additional IV cocktails are available and they can be tailored toward your specific symptoms as well.  Take care of your own health with a vitamin IV drip!  Epic Urgent Care has partnered with Liquivida and 403B registered pharmacy to get you this IV therapy with nutrients which will help you reach your max potential!

Click here to know the upfront pricing (unfortunately, this service is not covered by medical insurances and is offered as cash pay only). You can learn more about our urgent care family practice by checking out our business page, and make sure to get directions before heading to our Streamwood or Palatine location.

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