Where Can I Find Urgent Care Near Me?


urgent care near me in palatine

Quality Urgent Care Near Me in Palatine, IL

When injuries or illnesses happen unexpectedly, you need to feel confident about getting quality patient care promptly.  

A high-quality urgent care clinic provides excellent health care services for the community and your family. Let’s learn more about a few tips you can take to assess better the quality of service an urgent care clinic provides.

#1 Makes Healthcare Widely Available 

Urgent care clinics that accept various insurance plans help lower out-of-pocket costs. However, quality urgent care clinics accept a wide range of insurance plans and patients without insurance – and at an affordable price.  

#2 Little or No Wait Times 

Urgent care clinics care about the patient experience. At the clinic, it should not feel like an emergency room, where long wait times are the norm. A quality urgent care clinic should see patients as soon as they arrive.

#3 Offers Many Services 

Not all urgent care clinics are created the same. It is crucial to find an urgent care clinic that offers a wide range of services, including treating illnesses and injuries not typically treated in primary care clinics. 

You never know what the future holds. So choose a walk-in clinic that treats non-life-threatening medical conditions and provides flu shots, std testing, covid-19 testing, and x-rays. It would be best always to have your bases covered in choosing the best urgent care near you.

#4 Treats Adults and Children

Some urgent care clinics specialize in treating only adults, while others only treat children. But a quality urgent care clinic treats patients of all ages, making them conveniently the go-to urgent care clinic for the whole family.

#5 Upfront with Costs

Nobody likes to pay for high healthcare costs. A quality urgent care clinic should always inform you of any upfront costs, especially if your insurance provider does not cover the services. Doing this allows you to make an informed decision.

#6 Offers Occupational Medicine Services

Choose urgent care clinics that offer occupational health services – such as physicals and drug screenings, and accept workers’ compensation patients. 

#7 Daily Extended Hours, Even on Holidays

Emergencies don’t take a day off, so why should urgent care. A quality urgent care clinic takes no holidays off and makes sure that healthcare is available 365 days a year. This way, you get the medical care you need precisely when needed.

Quality Urgent Care Near Me | Palantine, IL

For the best, urgent care services provided by board-certified nurse practitioners, choose EPIC Urgent & Family Care in Palatine. Our goal is to address your health care needs promptly and effectively without the need for scheduled appointments. We are highly flexible and work with patients to help them receive timely, quality care and the best medical advice.

Come by for an office visit. We know illnesses don’t make appointments, and you shouldn’t have to either.  Just walk in to see if we are the best ‘urgent care near me’ in Palatine. 

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